The Complete Body Solution

Your Personalised Road Map guaranteed to get you in Great Shape!

Being in the business of getting people in shape for over 25 years, one big problem people often tell me is that they don’t really know how to get in shape. They feel lost in gyms, confused with diets, and repeatedly underestimate the damage of bad lifestyle habits.

Getting in shape is like anything else. You stand a much better chance of getting there if you have a good solid plan – a direction to follow which tells you exactly how to smash your goals.

The Complete Body Solution (TCBS) that we have developed is your personal road map to get you in shape. It starts with a full one-to-one assessment at our studio in Bingley which takes approx 1 hour. Once we have all your stats and know what your goals are we can then start putting your plan together.

Your plan will evaluate your current health and fitness. You will get a full review of yourself with recommendations. Once we have this data we can then create your road map that will be your personal guide to get you in shape.

It is a complete solution because we cover the 4 fundamental components. They are, your mental attitude, you food, your exercise/workouts, and your lifestyle.

Once we have completed your initial assessment you will receive your very own Complete Body Solution within one week. It will be delivered to you via email in the format of an ebook.

The total price which includes the full evaluation, your results & recommendations and your personal roadmaps to your goals is £149.