We are seasoned Personal Trainers who help busy adults that feel out of shape get into shape. We work with you one-to-one in our private studio delivering bespoke workouts designed to get you RESULTS. We work on your diet and lifestyle to improve your overall shape so that you look and feel great in your clothes.

We specialise in

Weight Loss • Muscle Tone • Fitness

We specialise in

Weight Loss
Muscle Tone

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Most people that come to us are frustrated, unhappy, and desperate to change the way they look and feel, often claiming they put weight on very easily which is unfair.


They get fed up of feeling tired and out of breath Some have told us that they get pains and discomfort in their joints for no apparent reason. They feel unhappy with their body often feeling discouraged from going shopping and trying new clothes on.

They tell us they have tried all kinds of products, services, gyms etc but never got the results they wanted and just gave up.


The reason for this is because they did not have a road map to follow with someone coaching them along the way. A gym full of fitness equipment and a top of the range pair of trainers may be worthless without someone to guide, motivate, and show you the way.

People respond to people. We know from experience that you can really help a person get in shape simply by connecting and supporting them. Such support is the fuel that drives that all important road map forwards to your success.


Most people want to get in shape so that they look good. This is often the reason why people train. Knowing that you look good makes you feel good about yourself – you can literally see a person’s body language change as they move with confidence in their new body. But as well as looking good, we want your body to function with ease and perform without restrictions so that you are fit and healthy too.

Getting people in shape for over 15 years as proven to us that eating healthy and exercising correctly is PURE medicine.


It will keep you fit, healthy, and youthful plus decrease your risk of getting one of those nasty lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. These are all associated with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet which are becoming prevalent in today’s society. If you now want to make some major improvements to your own health and fitness and start enjoying your new body start by claiming your free consultation below or request a call back to find out more.


Experience firsthand what Personal Training can do for you. Get a FREE 60 min consultation which includes a fitness evaluation and health MOT with an expert fitness coach (worth £35). Learn how we will maximise your diet and exercise, and get specific lifestyle advice to support your fitness goals. We hope you choose to work with us which would be great - If not that's perfectly okay too.

The Success Puzzle

To get the results you deserve there are 3 sections we need to address which are essential to your progression. We call this the success puzzle. Those sections are exercise, diet, and Lifestyle. If we were to skip any one of these your results would suffer which is why we call them essential.

Balanced Diet:

We will work with you to put together the right diet which will move you closer to your goals. If you have any deficiencies, feel fatigued, or need to lose weight. We will tailor a nutrition plan that suits your needs.

Bespoke workouts:

Your workouts will be designed and structured around your ability, experience, and goals. We will progress your workouts over time as you move closer towards those goals with regular tweaks and appraisals along the way.


A commonly neglected area for many people yet vital for success. Lifestyle is everything you do from; how active you are, the amount of sleep you get, and your habitual choices such as alcohol consumption and snacking etc. Your physicality is a mirror image of your lifestyle.

We started Xcel Personal Training in 2006 as a husband and wife team. We had just finished our long stint of University life achieving both a B.Sc (Hons) and a M.Sc in Sport and Exercise Science. We were both very passionate about health and fitness with an equal enthusiasm to help other people get in shape. We now felt ready to change the world for the better lol.

Fast Forward a few years and the company has grown somewhat, so we now have two additional highly experienced trainers to meet the demand of an increase in clients. We are all happily singing off the same page which is to help every one of our clients become the best they can be. We break everything down and build it up from the bottom. We believe in each and every one of you. We KNOW you can get amazing RESULTS because our system is fool proof. And on top of everything… We want you to succeed!


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