About Us

At Xcel Personal Training we are committed to providing the best service Personal Training has to offer.

Seeing the physical changes within our clients and watching them glow from within makes our jobs incredibly rewarding.

Getting you in shape is very important to us which is why we only have the best trainers that have the experience needed to get the best out of you. All our trainers each have a story to tell including: losing over 5 stone in less than a year, living and training with a chronic illness, becoming a high level runner, and going from scrawny to brawny. These personal experiences help us to become better at serving you.

We like to work with adults that feel they need to get back in shape, feel fitter, and start feeling confident within themselves again. Over the years we have had some incredible transformations – the next one could be you!

If you have let your body slip out of shape and you feel it’s not performing like the wild mustang it was designed to be. Or it may be that you have been prescribed routine medication to keep the kettle from over boiling then we would love to work with you.

We want to get your body looking good, functioning freely, and glowing from within.

We specialise in:

  • weight loss
  • muscle tone
  • and fitness

Weight Loss:

Most people who decide to become more active want to lose weight. Our approach to losing weight is to lose body fat whilst maintaining (or even increase) your lean muscle tissue. Most fad diets are only concerned with what the scale say which is why they never work long term. The key to losing body fat and keeping it off is to maintain your lean tissue in the process. Lean muscle tissue will keep your metabolism burning strong. Dropping calories alone will burn a lot of lean tissue and plummet your metabolism.

Muscle Tone:

Muscle tone is what gives your body that pleasing aesthetic look. A lot of people who diet hope to look aesthetic NOT just slimmer and they become confused and frustrated with the whole thing. To achieve that nice toned look you have to do resistance training but more importantly you have to do it right. Your workouts have to be structured correctly and you need to have good technique if you want to get results. If you’re a female and reading this, like many you may be thinking “I don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger” the short answer is – you won’t! Bodybuilders have to eat massive amounts of food and train with ridiculously heavy weights.


Just as important as the previous two is your cardio vascular fitness. This is often neglected by gym goers as it can be very labour intensive. Conversely many gym goers that don’t really know what they should be doing spend all their time on the cardio equipment as they seem more user friendly. However, improving your fitness comes with unlimited health benefits as well as making you feel years younger. There are several different ways to improve your fitness. The key is to find one or two that you like or feel comfortable with and make sure you are at the right level. Again technique and posture are very important when training for fitness.




People come to us because they want to change something about themselves. They don't come because they want a training session.

A good trainer will go above and beyond just delivering a workout. We believe that people are smart and expect much more from a Personal Trainer than simply a gym session. The best trainers in the world have one thing in common: They know how to connect with people. When you and your trainer connect the magic then begins which is why we try to connect will all our clients.
The following list is what we believe you should be getting from a personal trainer each of what we offer and will go into more detail on the services page.


Being accountable is a real game changer. It helps you become autonomous which nurtures self-motivation.

Lifestyle Change

Your lifestyle is a good reflection of the shape you are currently  in.


Having that support when you aren’t feeling great. Someone who understands you and has the tools to motivate you when you need it can be invaluable.

Correct training technique

Your training technique is essential if you want results and to remain free from injury.

Nutrition Plans

What you eat plays a major part in the achievement of your goals. We all know the old cliché – you are what you eat.

Good workout structure

Your workouts should be structured with the correct syntax so that you get the desired result.


A good trainer ALWAYS knows their clients goals. Your goals will decide the blue print for your success strategy which we set up.

Regular appraisals

Regular appraisals are the best way to check that you are on track for hitting your goals, and to address any hurdles.

Faster results

With all of the above in place you are sure to get RESULTS faster.